First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


So let me speed you up to date! Lets fast forward  to 2013…..

I began a new relationship with my daughter´s father, at the time I weighed 167 pounds. Our relationship become toxic very fast. Over the first year I steadily put on weight until I reached 215 pounds. During this time we found out I was pregnant. I thought what any ordinary nineteen year old would have thought, this was going to stop all the physical and mental abuse. Along the pregnancy I gained the expected weight. By the end of my pregnancy I was 230 pounds and had ZERO confidence in myself. After having my beautiful Aubree Grace and enduring the toxic relationship I had ENOUGH. I was done, finally I ended the relationship and began focusing on myself and my new daughter. Months later I began to have horrible pain in my side. I couldn’t breathe. The doctors examined me and told me it was just an inflamed gall bladder. After MANY hours of test, blood work, and waiting. They came back and told me my IUD had dislodged and began implanting into my cervix. Okay???? There was NOTHING they could do but tell me to call my doctor and get it removed. I went the very next day, and sure enough there it was implanting itself into my lovely cervix. My amazing doctor removed the IUD and what do you know?? I dropped 15 pounds over a month.


I decided to get my sh*t together and begin my journey for the military. I created my Instagram account and started posting in April 2016. One month later on May 13th I posted my weight of 192.8 pounds. This was the lowest I have been since that time. I hit a two in a half month plateau. Since that time my weight has fluctuated from 200-215lbs.


This year has been the HARDEST, I’ve been through a long custody battle, bankruptcy, and plans falling through. By plans falling through I mean, my plans were to go to nursing school get a bachelors degree and then enter into the military as an Officer. What really happened? I took the TEAS test, my score was a 59.3 I needed a 60 for my school! Great that is cool, right? I was able to take it again, so I studied and studied and studied some more. Guess who made the SAME EXACT score? This girl! SOOO school just isn’t for me! Since then I’ve committed myself 110% to this weight loss thing, I accepted a new job which is 8-5, weekend and holidays off (PERFECT) I am moving into my own apartment (yes we live with my wonderful mother) and I am giving myself the goal of joining the military in one year, yes I said ONE!!! YIKES!

So as you can see this is my journey and I am so thankful for ALLLLL the support I have received and I am thankful for all the encouragement and patience from everyone  I have electronically encountered.